Gravity Aviator Unisex Polarized Sunglasses-SGT3429SIL

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Choose up to any 5 frames or sunglasses from our online collection. We shall have samples delivered at your doorstep for you to try them from the comfort of your home. Our delivery person will also carry with them the sealed stocks of all 5 of those items, so whichever design you select, you can buy immediately, at your doorstep, while returning the samples. Try & Buy Terms & Conditions:

  • Service only available in Dubai & Sharjah
  • Payment terms in advance by Credit Card only
  • Advance payment for 1 sunglass is made only if more sunglasses are desired, payment must be made accordingly.
  • You must accept at least 1 from the 5 items ordered. There are no provisions for return or refund in this service.

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